About LPD

About LPD

Line printer daemon (LPD) refers to the protocol and programs associated with line-printer spooling services that are typically installed on various TCP/IP systems.

Some of the systems in which the HP Jetdirect print server functionality supports LPD include:

Berkeley-based (BSD) UNIX systems





Windows 2000

Windows Server 2003

The UNIX configuration examples in this section show the syntax for BSD-based UNIX systems. The syntax for your system can vary. See your system documentation for the correct syntax.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note About LPD NOTE:

Use LPD functionality with any host implementation that complies with the RFC 1179 document. The process for configuring printer spoolers, however, might differ. See your system documentation for information on configuring these systems.

The LPD programs and protocol include the following:

LPD programs and protocols
Program Name
Purpose of Program
Queue jobs for printing
Display print queues
Remove jobs from print queues
Control print queues
Scan and print the files if the specified printer is connected to the system
If the specified printer is connected to another system, this process forwards the files to an lpd process on the remote system where the files are to be printed.
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