Print a test file

Print a test file

To verify that the printer and print server connections are correct, print a test file using the following steps:

At the UNIX system prompt type:

lpr -Pprintername filename

In the example, printername is the designated printer and filename is the file to print.

Examples (for BSD-based systems):

Text File: lpr -Ptext1 textfile

PCL File: lpr -Praw1 pclfile.pcl

PostScript File: lpr -Praw1

HP-GL/2 File: lpr -Praw1 hpglfile.hpg

For HP-UX systems, use lp -d instead of lpr -P.

To display the print status, type the following at the UNIX prompt:

lpq -Pprintername

In the example, printername is the designated printer.

Examples (for BSD-based systems):

lpq -Ptext1
lpq -Praw1

For HP-UX systems, use lpstat instead of lpq -P.

This completes the process for configuring the HP Jetdirect print server to use LPD.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Print a test file