Requirements for configuring LPD

Requirements for configuring LPD

Your printer must be properly connected to the network through the HP Jetdirect print server, and you must have print server status information. This information is listed on the HP Jetdirect printer configuration page. If you have not printed a configuration page from your printer, see your printer documentation for instructions. You must also have the following:

Operating system that supports LPD printing.

Superuser (root) or administrator access to your system.

LAN hardware address (or station address) of the print server. This address is displayed with print server status information on the HP Jetdirect configuration page and is of the form:

HARDWARE ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxx

In this examle, x is a hexadecimal digit (for example, 0001E6123ABC).

IP address configured on the HP Jetdirect print server.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers Requirements for configuring LPD