FTP login

FTP login

To start an FTP session, enter the following command from an MS-DOS or UNIX command prompt:

ftp <ipaddress>

In the example, <ipaddress> is the valid IP address or node name configured for the HP Jetdirect print server.

FTP Login Example

HP Jetdirect Print Servers ftplogin FTP login

If the connection succeeds, a Ready message is displayed.

You are then prompted for a login name and password. The default is the client’s login name. The HP Jetdirect FTP server allows any user name, and passwords are ignored.

If login is successful, a message 230 is displayed on the client system. In addition, the available HP Jetdirect printing ports are displayed. Supported HP Jetdirect print servers provide a single port (Port 1). For a typical FTP printing session, see Example FTP Session.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers FTP login