Classic control panel EIO menus

Classic control panel EIO menus

Classic control panels are provided on older devices that support HP Jetdirect EIO print servers only. Classic control panels typically display two lines of 16 characters each. Use the available device keys to display and select HP Jetdirect settings. Typically, an asterisk (*) identifies the selected value.

Example of Classic Control Panel

HP Jetdirect Print Servers classicmenu Classic control panel EIO menus

HP Jetdirect EIO Menu on Classic Control Panel
Menu Item
Access the HP Jetdirect menu. You must set this to YES* each time you want to access the menu.
NO (default): Bypass the HP Jetdirect menu.
YES: Access the HP Jetdirect menu.
Enable the selected protocol stack.
ON: Enable the protocol.
OFF: Disable the protocol.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Classic control panel EIO menus NOTE:

The factory default setting depends on the print server model. On HP Jetdirect 635n print servers, all network protocols except TCP/IP are disabled by default..

Access the TCP/IP menu and set TCP/IP protocol parameters.
NO (default): Bypass the TCP/IP menu.
YES: Access the TCP/IP menu.

BOOTP=YES* Enable IPv4 configuration by a BootP Server.

DHCP=YES* Enable IPv4 configuration by a DHCP Server.

If DHCP=YES* and the print server has a DHCP lease, you can configure the following DHCP settings:

RELEASE: Select whether to release (YES) or save (NO) the current lease.

RENEW: Select whether to renew (YES or NO) the lease.

AUTO IP=YES* Automatically assign a link-local IPv4 address in the form 169.254.x.x.

If you specify BOOTP=NO*, DHCP=NO* and AUTO IP=NO*, you can manually set the following TCP/IPv4 parameters from the control panel:

Each byte of the IPv4 address (IP)

Subnet Mask (SM)

Syslog Server (LG)

Default Gateway (GW)

Idle Timeout period (default is 270 seconds, 0 disables the timeout)

CFG DNS 1=YES* IPv4 address of a primary DNS server (one byte at a time).

CFG DNS 2=YES* IPv4 address of a secondary DNS server (one byte at a time).

IPV6 = YES* Enable IPv6 operation. Select NO to disable IPv6 operation.

POLICY=<option> Set one of the following IPv6 addressing policies:

RTR_AV: (default) Stateful auto-configuration method is determined by a router. The router specifies whether the print server obtains its address, configuration information, or both from a DHCPv6 server.

RTR_UN: Attempt to obtain stateful configuration from a DHCPv6 server (when a router is not available)..

ALWAYS: Always attempt to obtain its stateful configuration from a DHCPv6 server (whether or not a router is available).

MANUAL= KEEP/DISABLE Set the behavior of a manually configured IPv6 address detected on the print server.

KEEP (default): Maintain the address in an active state.

DISABLE: Maintain the address but in an inactive state.
Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page to verify your settings. (The print server can overwrite selected parameters with values that ensure proper operation.)
Access the IPX/SPX menu and set protocol parameters.
NO (default): Bypass the menu.
YES: Access the menu.
Using this menu, you can specify the Frame Type parameter used on your network.

AUTO (default) Automatically set the frame type to the first detected.

For Ethernet cards, you can select EN_8023, EN_II, EN_8022, EN_SNAP.
Embedded Web server accepts communications using HTTPS (Secure HTTP) only, or both HTTP and HTTPS.
HTTPS: Accept only HTTPS (print server appears as a secure site).
HTTP/HTTPS: Accept either HTTP or HTTPS.
Reset current security settings to factory defaults.
KEEP (default): Retain current security settings.
RESET: Reset security settings to factory defaults.
(Full featured print servers only) If the print server supports IPsec, IPSEC is displayed on the menu for both IPsec and Firewall status. If the print server does not support IPsec, Firewall is displayed. Specify the state of IPsec/Firewall on the print server.
Disable IPsec/Firewall.
KEEP (default): Retain IPsec/Firewall operation as configured.
DISABLE: Disable IPsec/Firewall operation.
KEEP (default): Retain current 802.1X settings.
RESET: Reset 802.1X settings to factory defaults.
Print a configuration page for the selected item.
PROTOCOLS: Print IPX/SPX, Novell NetWare, AppleTalk,or DLC/LLC configuration.
SECURITY: Print the current security settings.
Manually configure the HP Jetdirect print server’s network link.
NO (default): Bypass the link configuration menu.
YES: Access the link configuration menu.
Set the link speed and communication mode. These must match the network. The available settings depend on the print server model.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers caution Classic control panel EIO menus CAUTION:

Changing the link setting can cause the loss of network communication with the print server.

AUTO (default): Use auto-negotiation to set the highest link speed and communication mode allowed. If auto-negotiation fails, either 100TX HALF or 10TX HALF is set depending on the detected link speed of the hub/switch port. (A 1000T half-duplex selection is not supported.)
10T HALF: 10 Mbps, half-duplex operation.
10T FULL: 10 Mbps, Full-duplex operation.
100TX HALF: 100 Mbps, half-duplex operation.
100TX FULL: 100 Mbps, full-duplex operation.
100TX AUTO: Limits auto-negotiation to a maximum link speed of 100 Mbps.
1000 FULL: 1000 Mbps, full-duplex operation.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers Classic control panel EIO menus