Embedded Web server (V.38.xx)

Embedded Web server (V.38.xx)

HP Jetdirect print servers contain an embedded Web server that is accessible from a compatible Web browser over an intranet. The embedded Web server provides access to configuration and management pages for the HP Jetdirect print server and the attached network device, such as a printer or multifunction peripheral (MFP) device.

Tabs across the upper portion of your browser window provide access to device and networking pages. The tabs and functions displayed vary depending on the capabilities of the device and the HP Jetdirect print server firmware version.

For a description of the device pages, see the embedded Web server documentation supplied with your printer or MFP device.

The Networking tab is displayed and controlled by the HP Jetdirect print server.

A typical Networking tab displayed by the HP Jetdirect print server is shown in HP Jetdirect Networking Tab.

HP Jetdirect Networking Tab

HP Jetdirect Print Servers jdiews summ36 Embedded Web server (V.38.xx)

For network parameter descriptions, see “Networking tab”.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Embedded Web server (V.38.xx)