HP Jetdirect Home tab

HP Jetdirect Home tab

The Home tab displays the HP Jetdirect home page if a Web server in the attached device cannot be accessed or does not exist. The HP Jetdirect home page displays a generic printer graphic to represent the attached device. The HP Jetdirect print server’s product model, firmware version, and network addresses are displayed along with any device information. HP Jetdirect Home Page Items provides a summary of the items displayed on the HP Jetdirect home page.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note HP Jetdirect Home tab NOTE:

The information displayed depends on the HP Jetdirect print server and device. Value-featured print servers provide limited information.

HP Jetdirect Home Page Items
Home tab
HP Jetdirect Home page. This tab is not displayed if Web pages provided by the attached device are accessible.
Networking tab
Access to network configuration, security, and diagnostic parameters. For more information, see Networking tab.
Device Info
Device information, such as the product name, model name, and serial number of the printer or MFP device that is connected to the network through the HP Jetdirect print server.
Can also display other retrieved information such as Page Count or Control Panel status. The information varies depending on the features of the attached device.
Select Language
Displayed if the HP Jetdirect Web pages support multiple languages. You can also select supported language by using language preference settings in your browser.
To display supported non-English languages, enable cookies in your browser settings.
Host Name
IP host name assigned to the device and stored on the HP Jetdirect print server. The default host name is NPIxxxxxx, where xxxxxx are the last six digits of the LAN hardware (MAC) address. See TCP/IP on the Networking tab.
System Up Time
Length of time since either the HP Jetdirect print server or the network device was last turned off and then on.
System Contact
A text string (stored on the HP Jetdirect print server) for the name of a person to contact for this device. See TCP/IP on the Networking tab.
System Location
Text string stored on the HP Jetdirect print server that identifies the physical location of this device. See the Networking TCP/IP configuration pages.
HP Jetdirect product
Product number of the HP Jetdirect print server (for example HP J7982E).
Firmware Version
Operating instruction version installed on the HP Jetdirect print server.
IP Address
IP address configured on the HP Jetdirect print server.
Hardware Address
LAN hardware (or MAC) address of the HP Jetdirect print server. This unique address is assigned by Hewlett-Packard, but can be locally administered.
LAA that replaces the LAN hardware (MAC) address. The LAA is configured under local control by a network administrator. By default, the LAA is the factory-assigned LAN hardware address.
Admin Password
Indicates whether an administrator password is set. Can be configured through a Telnet session with the HP Jetdirect print server, or from HP Web Jetadmin.
Because passwords are synchronized with selected printers, the password might have been set through printer security Web pages.
Use the Admin Password page to set or clear administrator passwords.
If an administrator password is set, you are prompted for a User Name and Password to access network parameters. For more information, click Help, or see Admin. Account .

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