Use the AppleTalk tab to configure selected settings on the HP Jetdirect print server. For a description of the items, see AppleTalk tab settings.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note AppleTalk NOTE:

The displayed AppleTalk parameters include the printer types that are advertised on the network.

The HP Jetdirect print server supports AppleTalk Phase 2 only.

AppleTalk tab settings
AppleTalk Enable
Select the check box to enable the AppleTalk protocol. Current AppleTalk parameters stored on the print server are displayed.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note AppleTalk NOTE:

On HP Jetdirect 635n print servers, all network protocols except TCP/IP are disabled by factory default.

AppleTalk Name
Name of the printer on the AppleTalk network. If you enter a name that is already assigned on your network, a number is used to indicate the duplicate name.
Printer type advertised on the network. Display up to two types (for example, HP LaserJet and LaserWriter).
AppleTalk network zone for the printer. By default, the current zone is displayed.
Click the Refresh selected zone Info button to refresh the list of available zones.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers AppleTalk