Use the IPX/SPX tab to configure IPX/SPX parameters on the HP Jetdirect print server. IPX/SPX protocols are used for operation on a Novell NetWare or compatible IPX/SPX network (such as a Microsoft network). For a description of the items, see IPX/SPX tab settings.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers caution IPX/SPX CAUTION:

If you are using direct-mode printing over IPX/SPX on a Microsoft network, do not disable IPX/SPX.

For a Novell NetWare network:

Use the embedded Web server to select Queue Server Mode parameters in a Novell Directory Services (NDS) environment.

Do not use the embedded Web server to create the NDS print server, printer, and queue objects. Instead, use another tool or utility.

IPX/SPX tab settings
IPX/SPX Enable
Select the check box to use IPX/SPX protocols.
IPX/SPX Frame Type
IPX/SPX frame type to use on your network. After a frame type is configured, all others are counted and discarded.

All Frame Types (Auto) Sense all types and configure the first one detected (default).

Ethernet 802.3 (EN_8023) Use IPX over IEEE 802.3 frames.

Ethernet II (EN_II) Use IPX over Ethernet frames.

Ethernet 802.2 (EN_8022) Use IPX over IEEE 802.2 with IEEE 802.3 frames.

Ethernet SNAP (EN_SNAP) Use IPX over SNAP with IEEE 802.3 frames.
SAP Interval
Time interval (in seconds) that the HP Jetdirect print server waits to send SAP messages, which are broadcast to advertise its service capabilities on a Novell NetWare network. The default is 60 seconds. Enter zero (0) to disable.
Print Server Name
NetWare printer name for the HP Jetdirect print server. The default name is NPIxxxxxx, where xxxxxx are the last six digits of the HP Jetdirect print server’s LAN hardware (MAC) address.
NDS Tree Name
Name of the NDS tree for this device. Refers to the name of the organizational tree used by your network. To disable NDS support, leave the field blank.
NDS Context
NDS container or organizational unit that contains the print server object. Print queue and device objects can be located anywhere within the NDS tree, but the HP Jetdirect print server must be configured with the fully qualified print server object name.
For example, if the print server object is found in the container “marketing.mytown.lj”, the fully qualified print server context name (CN) is:
In the example, OU is an organization unit container and O is an organization container within the NDS tree. The print server also accepts “marketing.mytown.lj”.
To disable NDS support, leave the field blank.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note IPX/SPX NOTE:

You cannot create NDS objects using the embedded Web server.

Job Poll Interval
Time interval in seconds that the HP Jetdirect print server waits to check for print jobs in a print queue.
PJL Configuration
Set the printer job language (PJL) parameters. Select or clear the check box to enable or disable the following:

Banner Page Print separator pages between print jobs.

End-Of-Job Notification Forward an end-of-job message to a client application (if received from the printer).

Toner Low Notification Forward a toner low message to a client application (if received from the printer).
HP Jetdirect Print Servers IPX/SPX