USB Settings

USB Settings

If the HP Jetdirect external print server provides a USB connection to the network device (such as a USB printer), a link to USB configuration parameters is displayed.

USB Settings tab
USB Speed
(Read-only parameter, for USB 2.0 print servers only.) The auto-negotiated communication speed over the USB connection between the print server and the device.

Full Speed 12 Mbits/sec as specified in the USB v2.0 specifications, compatible with USB v1.1 specifications.

Hi-Speed 480 Mbits/sec for USB v2.0 devices only.

Disconnected USB port is not connected.
Preferred USB Communication Mode
Highest level of USB communication capabilities when the print server tries to establish a communication level with the printer. If you change the current setting, unplug and then reconnect the USB cable, or turn the print server off and then on, to activate it.

AUTO (default) Automatically attempt to set the highest level available, starting with multiple interface (composite) USB devices, followed by IEEE 1284.4 and Multiple Logical Channels (MLC). If not successful, subsequent levels are attempted.

IEEE 1284.4 Allows multiple channels of simultaneous print, scan, and status communication, but without composite USB support. If not successful, subsequent levels are attempted.

Multiple Logical Channels (MLC) An HP-proprietary protocol that allows multiple channels of simultaneous print, scan, and status communication.

Bidirectional Basic two-way printer communications. Print data is sent to the printing device, and status information is returned.

Unidirectional One-way printer communication from the print server to the printing device. (This is the lowest communication level.)
The communication level set by the print server is reported on the HP Jetdirect configuration page.
Status Page Language
Page description language (PDL) for the HP Jetdirect configuration page data sent to the printer. Available options include PCL, ASCII, PostScript and HPGL2.
When set to AUTO (default), the print server automatically attempts to detect and select a language supported by the device. Typically, HP-PCL is selected if available.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers USB Settings