Network Identification tab

Network Identification tab

This tab provides TCP/IP network identification. Items on this page are described in the following table.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Network Identification tab NOTE:

Names, such as host and domain, must begin with a letter and can contain only letters, numbers, periods (for domain names only), or hyphens. The underline character (_) is not allowed.

TCP/IP Network Identification tab
Host Name
Readable IP name (the SNMP SysName object) for the network device. Must start with a letter and can end in a letter or number, and be up to 32 ASCII characters in length. The default name is NPIxxxxxx, where xxxxxx are the last six digits of the LAN hardware (MAC) address.
Domain Name (IPv4/IPv6)
Domain Name (IPv6 only)
DNS domain name that the HP Jetdirect print server resides in (for example, This name is not the host name or the FQDN (such as
The IPv4 and IPv6 domain names can be the same or different depending on the network. A separate IPv6 domain name can be assigned on networks where segmentation of IPv4 and IPv6 hosts is desirable. If you assign an IPv6 domain name, it applies to the IPv6 network only.
DNS (IPv4)
DNS (IPv6)
Primary and secondary DNS servers on your IPv4 or IPv6 networks.
Primary: IP address of the primary DNS server.
Secondary: IP address of a secondary DNS server to use if the primary DNS server is unavailable.
DNS Suffixes
Printer domain names. You can create and store a DNS suffix list on the print server to assist in resolving the printer’s host name with its IP address. (FQDN consists of a domain name appended to a host name. FQDNs are used, for example, by DNS servers to resolve an IP address associated with a device.) The DNS suffix list can contain up to 32 entries. DNS suffix entries can contain up to 256 alphanumeric characters and periods.
To add an entry to the suffix list, enter a domain name (text string) in the field next to the Add button, and then click Add. To delete an entry from the list, select it, and then click Delete.
WINS (IPv4 only)
Preferred and alternate WINS server on your IPv4 network. Like DNS, WINS provides IP address and name resolution services for network computers and devices.
Preferred (Primary): IP address of the preferred WINS server.
Alternate (Secondary): IP address to use if the preferred WINS Server is unavailable.
Bonjour service name (previously listed as Multicast Domain Name System [mDNS Service Name]), or the assigned Bonjour domain name.

Bonjour Service Name: Used to resolve a particular device or service if socket information (such as the IP address) changes from session to session. The name is persistent.

The default service name is the printer model and the last six digits of the LAN hardware (MAC) address. Enter up to 64 alphanumeric characters.

Bonjour Domain Name: (Read-only parameter.) Bonjour domain name assigned to the device, in the form <host name>.local. If a host name is not assigned, the default host name NPIxxxxxx is used, where xxxxxx are the last 6 digits of the LAN hardware (MAC) address.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers Network Identification tab