Summary tab

Summary tab

This tab provides a summary of the TCP/IP configuration. Items on this page are described in the following table.

TCP/IP Summary tab
Host Name
IP host name assigned to the device and stored on the HP Jetdirect print server.
To configure a host name, see the Network Identification tab.
IPv4 Status
Status of the IPv4 protocol. You cannot disable IPv4 from the embedded Web server in this release.
Fully Qualified Domain Name (IPv4/IPv6)
Consists of the device’s host name and domain name. Unless the network administrator segments domains into separate IPv4 and IPv6 hosts, you can use the FQDN on either IPv4 or IPv6 networks simultaneously.
IPv4 Address
IPv4 address, subnet mask and default gateway for the print server.
Config By
IPv4 parameters configured using: DHCP, BOOTP, Manual, or Auto IP.
DHCP Lease Time
Duration of the DHCP IP address lease (in seconds) for the print server. Populated if DHCP configuration is used.
IPv6 Status
Status of the IPv6 protocol. Enable or disable using the embedded Web server.
Fully Qualified Domain Name (IPv6 only)
Consists of the device’s host name and domain name. Depending on the network architecture, it can be the same as, or different from, the printer’s IPv4 FQDN. If assigned, it applies to the IPv6 network only.
IPv6 Address list
IPv6 addresses configured on the print server. For each address, the following items are specified:

Prefix length: Number of bits that comprise the fixed portion of the address. Typically, it is 64 and identifies network/subnet portion of the address.

Config By: How the address was configured, such as auto-configuration through link-local addressing, by a router, by a DHCP(v6) server, or configured manually.

Valid Lifetime: Length of time (lifetime) that the address can be used, after which the address becomes invalid. Determined during the auto-configuration process.

Preferred Lifetime: Length of time (lifetime) that the address can be used without limitation. After this time, the address is deprecated (its use is discouraged). The preferred lifetime is a subset of the valid lifetime, and is determined during the auto-configuration process.
Default Route Information
IPv6 address and the length of time until it expires. (Used when a router advertises itself to the print server as a default router on the local link.)
HP Jetdirect Print Servers Summary tab