TCP/IP(v6) tab

TCP/IP(v6) tab

Use the TCP/IP(v6) tab to enable IPv6 operation, view IPv6 auto-configuration addresses, or manually configure IPv6 addresses. For basic information on IPv6 addresses on the print server, see TCP/IP configuration. For additional parameters that you can configure, see the Advanced tab.

TCP/IP(v6) tab
IPv6 Enable
Select or clear the check box to enable or disable IPv6 operation.
Link-Local Address
(Read only parameter.) Print server’s IPv6 link-local address and prefix length. The print server configures this address automatically. The link-local address allows the print server to communicate with other IPv6 hosts on the local link without routers.
Stateless Addresses
(Read only parameters.) Stateless addresses and prefix lengths configured on the print server. Stateless addresses are assigned under the control of a router.
DHCPv6 Addresses
Select the DHCPv6 policy that the print server uses for stateful addresses, assigned by a DHCPv6 server.
Select one of the following:

Perform DHCPv6 only when requested by a router Allow the router to control stateful addressing.

Perform DHCPv6 when stateless configuration is unsuccessful Attempt to use DHCPv6 if stateless addressing by a router fails.

Always perform DHCPv6 on startup Always attempt DHCPv6 for configuration each time it is turned on.
If DHCPv6 is used for stateful addressing, the addresses (and associated prefixes) configured on the print server are listed.
Manual Address
Set an IPv6 address on the print server and select whether to use it.
Select the Enable check box to use a manually configured IPv6. Clear this check box to disable the address.
Enter the IPv6 address and its prefix length using the Address and Prefix length fields. If IPv6 address prefixes (for example, supplied by a router) are stored on the print server, you can select a prefix from the Prefix field, and then click Add to copy the prefix into the Address field. Then enter the remainder of the address.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers TCP/IP(v6) tab