View the embedded Web server

View the embedded Web server

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note View the embedded Web server NOTE:

This section assumes that a wireless network connection is established.

If a wireless network connection is not established, you can use the embedded Web server to configure the HP Jetdirect wireless print server with wireless settings for your network.

Before you can use the embedded Web server, configure the HP Jetdirect print server with an IP address.

Using IPv6 protocols, addesses are typically configured automatically on the print server, although manual configuration is available. For basic information on IPv6 addresses, see TCP/IP configuration.

Using IPv4 protocols, you can automatically configure IP parameters over the network, using BOOTP or DHCP each time the print server is turned on. Or, you can manually configure IP parameters using the printer’s control panel (for selected printers), Telnet, the arp and ping commands, HP Web Jetadmin or other management software. For more information on TCP/IP configuration options, see TCP/IP configuration.

When turned on, an HP Jetdirect print server that cannot retrieve a valid IP address from the network automatically assigns itself either the default IPv4 address or a link-local address in the range to You can determine the IP address configured on your print server by inspecting the HP Jetdirect configuration page. See TCP/IP configuration for more information.

If the default IPv4 address is assigned, you must temporarily set up your computer with the same IP network number or establish a route to the print server before you can use the embedded Web server.

To access the embedded Web server, perform the following steps:

Run a supported Web browser.
Enter the IP address or FQDN of the print server as the URL.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note View the embedded Web server NOTE:

For browsers that support direct IPv6 address entries, an IPv6 address is typically enclosed in brackets ([ ]). See your system documentation.

If you do not know the FQDN for the device (for example,, enter the host name (in this example, printer1). Your system might resolve an IP address for the device.

Entering an IP Address or Fully Qualified Domain Name

HP Jetdirect Print Servers jdiews v4v6 View the embedded Web server

If prompted with security alerts, click Yes to proceed.

By factory default, HP Jetdirect print servers and printers/MFPs with IPsec support are configured as a secure site, using an X.509v3-compliant certificate installed on the print server for identification. Encrypted browser communications through HTTPS is required for initial access.

Although not recommended, you can use your Internet Options menu to configure your browser to ignore security warnings if the print server is configured to operate through HTTPS. See Mgmt. Protocols.

An embedded Web server page is displayed. The printer/MFP typically provides the initial page that is displayed.

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HP Jetdirect Print Servers View the embedded Web server