HP Jetdirect Security page

HP Jetdirect Security page

If the HP Jetdirect print server supports IPsec, you can print an enhanced Security page from the HP Jetdirect menu that is accessed through the printer control panel. The following figure shows a typical Security page:

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note HP Jetdirect Security page NOTE:

This section describes a typical security page. The actual security page content depends on the HP Jetdirect product and the firmware version.

To print the HP Jetdirect Security Page:

On the printer control panel, navigate to the HP Jetdirect menus.
In the HP Jetdirect menus, locate and select the Security menu item.
In the Security menu, locate and select Print Sec Page . (This option is displayed only if IPsec is supported by the print server.)
Click Yes to print the security page.
HP Jetdirect Security Page

HP Jetdirect Print Servers jdisecpage1 2 HP Jetdirect Security page

The parameters in each section of the Security page are described in the following table.

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