HP Install Network Printer Wizard (Windows)

HP Install Network Printer Wizard (Windows)

The HP Install Network Printer Wizard is a utility for printer discovery, setup and installation on a TCP/IP network. On Windows XP and 2003 Server systems, Version 5.0 also supports printing on an IPv6 network, but printer discovery is limited to IPv4 protocols. Versions 6.0 and 7.0 support printer discovery on an IPv6 network.

On wireless print servers, first configure wireless settings on the print server so that it can connect to your network.

Once your printers have a network connection (either wired or wireless), the wizard installs the printer on your systems or servers that send print jobs directly to the printer. This is called direct-mode (peer-to-peer) printing.

If your system is a server, you can share the printer so that network clients can use the printer through the server. This is called client-server printing.

You can download a version that runs from your system disk from HP online support at:


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