Internet Printer Connection software

Internet Printer Connection software

(For full-featured print servers only) HP Jetdirect print servers support IPP and Secure IPP.

Using the appropriate software on your system, you can create an IPP print path from your system to a supported HP Jetdirect-connected printer over the Internet.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Internet Printer Connection software NOTE:

Security features available in IPP printing software are limited. For incoming print path requests, the network administrator must configure the network firewall to accept incoming IPP requests. Secure IPP connections over HTTPS (Secure HTTP) is supported.

The following features and benefits are provided by Internet printing:

Print high-quality, time-sensitive documents remotely, in full color or black-and-white

Print documents remotely at a fraction of the cost of current methods (such as fax, mail, or overnight delivery services)

Extend the traditional LAN printing model to that of an Internet printing model

Transmit IPP outbound print send requests through firewalls

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