HP Jetdirect IPsec/Firewall wizard

HP Jetdirect IPsec/Firewall wizard

Use the IPsec/Firewall wizard to create one or more rules to be applied to IP traffic. Click Add Rules to start the IPsec/Firewall wizard.

Enter up to ten rules, each rule specifying the host addresses, services, and the action to take for those addresses and services. Depending on whether IPsec is supported by the print server and device, the following actions are available:

Allow traffic. If IPsec/Firewall is supported, allow IP traffic that is not protected by the IPsec/Firewall policy.

Drop traffic. Do not process (discard) the specified IP traffic.

Require traffic to be protected with the IPsec/Firewall policy. You are prompted to configure an IPsec template indicating the IPsec authentication/encryption settings to apply to the specified IP traffic.

See the following illustration.

Use the IPsec Wizard to configure rules

HP Jetdirect Print Servers ipsecwizv34 HP Jetdirect IPsec/Firewall wizard

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