Create IPsec Template

Create IPsec Template

Use this page to create an IPsec template and to specify how security associations (SAs) are created (manually or dynamically). To create an IPsec template, use the following steps:

Enter a unique name for the template.
Select an authentication type. See the item descriptions in the following table.
Click Next.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Create IPsec Template NOTE:

The subsequent configuration pages depend on your authentication type selection (IKEv1 or manual keys).

Create IPsec Template page
IPsec Template Name
Custom IPsec template name. This name is added to the Specify IPsec Template page.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Create IPsec Template NOTE:

The IPsec template name must be unique.

Authentication Type
Select the authentication type. Hosts specified in the Address template must negotiate IPsec security settings during a session. During negotiation, authentication must occur to validate sender/receiver identities.

Internet Key Exchange Version 1 (IKEv1) (default) Use Internet key exchange (IKE) protocols for authentication and encryption and to create security associations.

Set IKE Defaults Select a default security profile for IKE operation. Several predefined profiles are provided. To configure a custom security profile, select the Specify Custom Profile option.

Preview IKE Defaults View the settings for a selected IKE default security profile.

If you select IKE v1 for authentication and a default security profile, click Next to display the Identity Authentication page.

Manual Keys Configure IPsec authentication/encryption protocols and keys manually. Click Next to display the IPsec Protocols page.

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HP Jetdirect Print Servers Create IPsec Template