Default IP address is assigned

Default IP address is assigned

A default IP address is assigned if the factory default methods fail, or if the print server is re-configured by an administrator to use a server-based method (such as BOOTP or DHCP) and the method fails.

If a default IP address is assigned, the address depends on the network to which the print server is connected. The print server senses broadcast packets on the network to determine the appropriate default IP settings, using the following methods:

On small private networks that adhere to automated, standards-based IP address assignments, the print server uses a link-local addressing technique to assign a unique IP address. Link-local addressing is limited to a local IP subnet (not routed) and can be referenced as Auto IP. The IP address assigned is in the range of to (commonly referred to as 169.254/16). If necessary, you can further modify the IP address for your network, using supported TCP/IP configuration tools.

With link-local addresses, subnetting is not used. The subnet mask is, and cannot be changed.

Link-local addresses do not route off the local link, and access to or from the Internet is not available. The default gateway address is the same as the link-local address.

If a duplicate address is sensed, the HP Jetdirect print server automatically reassigns its address, if necessary, in accordance with standard link-local addressing methods.

On large or enterprise IP networks, a temporary address of is assigned until it is re-configured with a valid address through supported TCP/IP configuration tools. This temporary address is referred to as Legacy Default IP.

On mixed-environment networks, the self-assigned default IP address is either 169.254/16 or Verify that the assigned default IP address is correct, using the HP Jetdirect configuration page.

To determine the IP address configured on your print server, use the HP Jetdirect configuration page. See HP Jetdirect configuration pages.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Default IP address is assigned