Default IPv4 parameter

Default IPv4 parameter

A default IP configuration parameter on the print server controls how the default IPv4 address is assigned. Whenever the print server is unable to obtain an IP address during a forced TCP/IP reconfiguration (for example, when manually configured to use BOOTP or DHCP), this parameter determines the default IPv4 address to use.

When the print server is in a factory default state, this parameter is undefined.

If the print server is initially configured with a default IPv4 address by using either a link-local IPv4 address or the legacy default IP address, the default IP parameter is set to either Auto IP or Legacy Default IP to match.

You can change the Default IP parameter by using a supported configuration tool, such as Telnet, a Web browser, a printer control panel, or SNMP management applications.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Default IPv4 parameter