TCP/IP configuration tools

TCP/IP configuration tools

When a network connection is established, you can configure an HP Jetdirect print server with valid TCP/IP parameters for your network, using the following methods:

Software solutions Use installation, setup, and management software running on supported systems. For more information see HP software solutions summary.

BOOTP/TFTP Download the data from a network-based server by using BOOTP and TFTP each time the printer is turned on. For more information, see “Use BOOTP/TFTP (IPv4)”.

The BOOTP daemon (bootpd) must be running on a BOOTP server that is accessible by the printer.

DHCP/TFTP Use DHCP and TFTP each time the printer is turned on. These protocols are supported on HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000/Server 2003, NetWare, and Mac OS systems. (See your network operating system manuals to verify that your server supports DHCP.) For more information, see Use DHCP (IPv4).
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note TCP/IP configuration tools NOTE:

For more information about Linux and UNIX systems, see the bootpd man page.

On HP-UX systems, a sample DHCP configuration file (dhcptab) might be located in the /etc directory.

Because HP-UX does not currently provide dynamic domain name system (DDNS) services for its DHCP implementations, HP recommends that you set all print server lease durations to infinite. This ensures that print server IP addresses remain static until DDNS is provided.

RARP Use RARP to answer the print server’s RARP request and supply the print server with the IP address. The RARP method allows you to only configure the IP address. For more information, see “Use RARP (IPv4)”.

arp and ping commands (Only for print servers configured with Legacy default IP address Use the arp and ping commands from your system. For more information, see “Use the arp and ping commands (IPv4)”.

Telnet Set configuration parameters by creating a Telnet connection from your system to the HP Jetdirect print server, using the default IP address. Once configured, the print server saves the configuration when turned off and then turned on. For more information, see “Use Telnet (IPv4)”.

Embedded Web server Use the embedded Web server on the HP Jetdirect print server to set configuration parameters. For more information, see Embedded Web server (V.38.xx).

Printer control panel (For printers that support HP Jetdirect control panel menus.) Manually enter the configuration data, using the printer control panel keys. Because you can configure a limited subset of the configuration parameters, control panel configuration is recommended only during troubleshooting or for simple installations. If control panel configuration is used, the print server saves the configuration when turned off and then turned on. For more information, see “Use the printer control panel”.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers TCP/IP configuration tools