Move to another network (IPv4)

Move to another network (IPv4)

When moving an HP Jetdirect print server that is configured with an IP address to a new network, make sure that the IP address does not conflict with addresses on the new network. You might need to change the IP address of the print server, or remove the current IP address and configure another address after it is installed. See Troubleshoot the HP Jetdirect print server for instructions to reset the print server to factory default settings.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Move to another network (IPv4) NOTE:

If you use an HP Jetdirect wireless print server, this section assumes that a wireless network connection is established.

Moving an HP Jetdirect wireless print server to another network requires a new wireless connection to that network.

If the current BOOTP server is not reachable, you might configure the print server to use a different BOOTP server.

If the print server was configured using BOOTP, DHCP, or RARP, update the appropriate system files. If the IP address was manually set (from the printer control panel or Telnet), reconfigure IP parameters as described in this chapter.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Move to another network (IPv4)