Advantages of using BOOTP/TFTP

Advantages of using BOOTP/TFTP

Using BOOTP/TFTP to download configuration data has the following benefits:

Enhanced configuration control of the HP Jetdirect print server. Configuration by other methods, such as a printer control panel, are limited to select parameters.

Ease of configuration management. Network configuration parameters for the entire network are in one location.

Ease of HP Jetdirect print server configuration. Complete network configuration is automatically downloaded each time the print server is turned on.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Advantages of using BOOTP/TFTP NOTE:

BOOTP operation is similar to DHCP, but the resulting IP parameters are the same when turned off and then turned on. In DHCP, IP configuration parameters are leased and might change over time.

When in its factory-default state and turned on, the HP Jetdirect print server attempts to automatically configure itself using several dynamic methods, including BOOTP.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Advantages of using BOOTP/TFTP