Use DHCP (IPv4)

Use DHCP (IPv4)

DHCP (RFC 2131/2132) is one of several automatic configuration mechanisms that the HP Jetdirect print server uses. If you have a DHCP server on your network, the HP Jetdirect print server automatically obtains its IP address from that server and registers its name with any RFC 1001- and 1002-compliant dynamic name services if a WINS server IP address is specified.

You can also use a TFTP configuration file with DHCP to configure extended parameters. For more information on TFTP parameters, see Use BOOTP/TFTP (IPv4).

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Use DHCP (IPv4) NOTE:

DHCP services must be available on the server. See your system documentation or online help to install or enable DHCP services.

If you are configuring an HP Jetdirect wireless print server, this section assumes that a wireless network connection is established.

If the HP Jetdirect print server and BOOT/DHCP server are located on different subnets, IP configuration can fail unless the routing device allows for the transfer of DHCP requests between subnets.

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HP Jetdirect Print Servers Use DHCP (IPv4)