Discontinue DHCP configuration

Discontinue DHCP configuration

HP Jetdirect Print Servers caution Discontinue DHCP configuration CAUTION:

Changes to an IP address on your HP Jetdirect print server can require updates to the printer or system printing configurations for clients or servers.

If you do not want your HP Jetdirect print server configured through DHCP, reset it to use a different method by selecting one of the following:

For IPv4 configured print servers, use the printer control panel to set Manual or BOOTP configuration. Once set, DHCP is not used.
Use Telnet to set Manual (status is User Specified) or BOOTP configuration. Once set, DHCP is not used.
Modify the TCP/IP parameters using the HP Jetdirect embedded Web server or HP Web Jetadmin.

If you change to BOOTP configuration, the DHCP parameters are released and the TCP/IP protocol is initialized.

If you change to Manual configuration, the DHCP IP address is released and the specified IP parameters are used. If you manually provide the IPv4 address, set all of the configuration parameters, such as subnet mask, default gateway, and idle timeout.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Discontinue DHCP configuration NOTE:

If you re-enable a DHCP configuration, the print server acquires its configuration information from a DHCP server. When you choose DHCP and complete your configuration session (using Telnet, for example), the TCP/IP protocol for the print server is re-initialized and all current configuration information is deleted. The print server then attempts to acquire new configuration information by sending DHCP requests on the network to a DHCP server.

For DHCP configuration using Telnet, see Use Telnet (IPv4) in this chapter.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Discontinue DHCP configuration