A typical Telnet session

A typical Telnet session

Initiating a typical Telnet session is illustrated here.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers telnet session A typical Telnet session

To set configuration parameters, you must set up a Telnet session from your system to the HP Jetdirect print server.

At the system prompt, type the following:

telnet <IP address>

The <IP address> is the IP address listed on the HP Jetdirect configuration page. See HP Jetdirect configuration pages.

A connection to the HP Jetdirect print server is displayed. If the server responds with connected to IP address, press Enter twice to initialize the Telnet connection.
Type the user name and password, if required.

By default, the Telnet interface does not require a user name or password. If an administrator password is set, enter the user name and password. Otherwise, you cannot enter or save Telnet settings.

By default, a command line interface is provided. To set parameters using a menu interface, enter Menu. For more information, see Telnet user interface options.

For a list of supported commands and parameters, see Telnet Commands and Parameters.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers A typical Telnet session