Create a Telnet connection

Create a Telnet connection

To use Telnet commands with the HP Jetdirect print server, a route is required from your workstation to the print server. If the print server and your computer have a similar IP address (the network portion of their IPv4 addresses match), a route probably exists.

If the IPv4 addresses do not match, you can change your workstation’s IPv4 address to match, or you can attempt to create a route to the print server. (If the print server is configured with a legacy default IP address such as, a route normally does not exist.)

HP Jetdirect Print Servers caution Create a Telnet connection CAUTION:

Using Telnet to manually set an IPv4 address overrides dynamic IP configuration, such as BOOTP, DHCP, and RARP, which results in a static configuration where IP values are fixed. This might prevent BOOTP, DHCP, or RARP from functioning correctly.

When manually changing an IP address, you should also re-configure the subnet mask and the default gateway.

On Windows systems, you can use the route command at a Windows command (DOS) prompt to create a route to the print server.

For information about system command prompts, see the Windows online help. On Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 systems, it is located in the Accessories folder in the Programs or All Programs folder.

To use the route command, you need the IPv4 address of your workstation. To display it, enter the appropriate command at the command prompt:

C:> ipconfig (on Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003)

To create a route from the system command prompt, use the following:

route add <Jetdirect IP Address> <system IP Address>

The <Jetdirect IP address> is the IP address configured on the HP Jetdirect print server, and <system IP address> is the IP address of the workstation’s network card that is attached to the same physical LAN as the print server.

For example, to create a route from your workstation with IP address to a print server with a default IP address of, enter the following:

route add

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Create a Telnet connection