Menu Interface

Menu Interface

An optional Menu interface is displayed when you type the menu command during a Telnet session with the HP Jetdirect print server. The Menu interface provides structured menu lists for easy access to configuration parameters.

Example: Using the Menu Interface illustrates the Menu interface, using the TCP/IP menus as an example.

From the Main Menu screen, select and enter a menu number. If there are submenus, select and enter a submenu number.

To change a setting, enter Y (for Yes) when prompted.

Edit the setting, using the Backspace key. If you enter an unrecognized value, the correct entry options are displayed.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Menu Interface NOTE:

Changes are not saved on the HP Jetdirect print server until you exit a menu and choose to save your changes.

Example: Using the Menu Interface

HP Jetdirect Print Servers telmenu2 Menu Interface

To edit these parameters, enter Y. Use the Backspace key to edit the parameters.

Changes are not saved until you save them when you exit the session.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Menu Interface