Procedure 2: Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page

Procedure 2: Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page

The HP Jetdirect configuration page is an important troubleshooting tool. This page lists the status of your network and the HP Jetdirect print server. Also, the ability to print a configuration page provides an indication that the printer is operating correctly. See HP Jetdirect configuration pages for information on the HP Jetdirect configuration page.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers note Procedure 2: Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page NOTE:

For a TCP/IP network, you can view the configuration page from a Web browser by accessing the HP Jetdirect embedded Web server. See Embedded Web server (V.38.xx) for more information.

If the configuration page does not print, check the following items:

Did you perform the correct steps on the printer to print the configuration page?

The steps to print a configuration page vary between different printers and print servers. (See the documentation supplied with your print server.) The following are general instructions.

For EIO and embedded print servers, an HP Jetdirect page typically prints along with the printer configuration page. Use the printer control panel menus.

For external print servers, press the Test button on the print server.

Is there a print job in process?

You cannot print an HP Jetdirect configuration page to the printer while a print job is in process. Wait until the print job is complete, then print the configuration page.

Does an error message appear on the printer control panel display?

See Procedure 3 in this section for a list of network-related error messages and corrective actions.

See your printer documentation for a complete list of control panel messages and corrective actions.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers Procedure 2: Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page