Procedure 3: Resolve printer display error messages

Procedure 3: Resolve printer display error messages

To resolve network-related error messages that appear on the printer control panel display, use the following steps: This information assumes you have already printed a configuration page.

For LaserJet printers or MFPs, are there Service Error messages, such as 49.XXXX, 79.XXXX or 8X.XXXX?

See your printer manuals to interpret the error message.

If you recently upgraded the HP Jetdirect firmware, turn the print server off and then on. For EIO and embedded HP Jetdirect print servers, turn the printer off and then on.

Verify all connectors are fully mated.

Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page and verify all configuration parameters. To interpret the configuration page messages, see HP Jetdirect configuration pages.

Disable the embedded HP Jetdirect print server operation, using the Service menu. If the error message disappears when the print server is disabled, it is likely that the print server or network is causing the error. Contact your service provider.

Record all error codes and contact your service provider. If warranty service is required, include all diagnostic and configuration pages.
Does EIOX INITIALIZING/DO NOT POWER OFF appear on the display?

Wait for ten minutes to see if it clears. If not, you might need to contact your service provider.

Does a 40 ERROR appear on the printer’s control panel display?

The HP Jetdirect print server detected a break in the data communications. When this error occurs, the printer goes offline.

A break in communications can result from a disruption in the network connection or the server going down. If your printer has an Auto Continue feature that is disabled or off, press the appropriate key (Start or Pause/Resume, for example) on the printer after the communications problem is solved to place the printer back online. On some printers, turn on the Auto Continue feature to force the printer to reconnect without intervention. (This does not solve the disconnect problem.)

Does an initializing (for example, INIT) message appear on the display?

This is a normal message. Wait about 3 minutes for the message to clear, or another message to appear. If another message appears, see the printer’s documentation and configuration pages for additional information.

Does a message other than READY or the messages listed in this section appear on the display?

See your printer documentation for a complete list of control panel messages and corrective actions.

HP Jetdirect Print Servers Procedure 3: Resolve printer display error messages