Unable to communicate after initial setup

Unable to communicate after initial setup

If you have successfully configured the HP Jetdirect wireless print server with a network connection to your network, but your network computers are unable to communicate with the printer (including a ping command), try the following:

Print an HP Jetdirect configuration page and verify all configuration settings for your network. Common errors include incorrect entries for the following items:

Communication Mode (Ad Hoc or Infrastructure)

Network Name (SSID), which is case-sensitive

Authentication method

Encryption type, encryption key entries, or the specified transmit key

IP address

Basic service set identifier (BSSID), which distinguishes one wireless LAN from another even though they have the same SSID

Verify that the printer is within range of the network. See “Improving reception and performance” in this chapter.

Use a wireless PC and its utilities to confirm the signal strength at the printer’s location. The detected signal strength should be similar for the print server, as indicated on the HP Jetdirect configuration page.
HP Jetdirect Print Servers Unable to communicate after initial setup